The Breakthrough Water Strategy Solution

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The Breakthrough Water Strategy Solution


Implementing effective water and food security solutions

AquaterreX is a global-facing company whose purpose is to drought-proof land holdings with environmentally sound, cutting-edge solutions, and to bring water and food security to regions in need.

Over 1500 Deep Seated Water Wells Completed on Four Continents


AquaterreX possesses a breakthrough combination of advanced technologies to locate vast amounts of underground fresh water even in locations where others say, “No Water Exists.”

Deep Seated Water

High-quality groundwater, sourced from deep aquifers located beneath the shallow aquifers that supply most water wells.

The Missing Piece

Deep Seated Water is the missing piece  for regional planning and water management strategies to assure water supply security.

State of the Art Technology

Deep Seated Water TechTM is a unique geospatial data analysis and assessment method for locating and extracting high-quality and quantity fresh water.

Latest Water News

Deep Seated Water Located Near Kingman, Arizona

AquaterreX locates water near Kingman, Arizona at 5X the flow rate of any nearby wells. See the process in our video. AquaterreX locates water for a homestead in the extremely arid region 50 miles east of Kingman, Arizona in an entirely undeveloped area of high desert. Surrounding well data showed wells are dry or delivering…

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New Mexico Farm Water 1300 gallons per minute

Unlocking Abundant Water Resources in Union County, New Mexico with Deep Seated Water Technologies

In the arid landscapes of Union County, New Mexico, a farming family faced a daunting challenge: dwindling water supplies threatening their agricultural operations. As local water well records showed a steady decline in yields over the last 50 years, they were thrilled that the new water well located by AquaterreX was delivering over 1300 gallons…

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Earth Day 2024

It’s Earth Day! You can Make a Difference. Donate to the Earth Organization!

Today is Earth Day, the one day every year we celebrate the beauty and importance of our precious planet. There is one organization that has been working tirelessly for 20 years to protect and serve our planet, the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. LAEO has a mission to research environmental issues to find and implement logical…

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The Missing Piece

Fresh water supply and management has become a major challenge for nations, communities and enterprises.  Many water strategies focus on conservation, rather than additional supply. Other solutions such as desalination and wastewater treatment are potential answers for some, but they also come with trade-offs such as high cost, high energy usage, long planning periods and toxic waste. Deep Seated Water is located almost everywhere on the planet, and it can be added to the mix of solutions as a supplemental freshwater source that is not subject to pollution, is fast and easy to implement and is economical and scalable.  In addition, tapping Deep Seated Water allows both surface water and shallow aquifer sources to recharge, making the total system more environmentally sustainable.

Water Strategy

Supplemental Freshwater Source

Not Subject to Pollution

Allows Shallow Aquifers to Recharge

Allows Surface Water to Recharge

Delivers Water Security

Economical, Scalable

Fast and Easy to Implement


Video: The Scientific Approach to Supplemental Groundwater Location

Digging Deep Video: New Approach to Find Underground Water