Drilling a Deep Seated Water Well in the Texas High Plains

Texas high plains area well drillers 3 2023

Our AquaterreX team on site in the Texas High Plains area drilling a Deep Seated Water well. If you were to drive across the Texas High Plains, you would see agriculture production, and its associated industries, hard at work in this region. We can thank the farm and ranch operators of the Texas High Plains…

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50% of US Waterways Are Too Polluted For Drinking, Swimming or Fishing

polluted waterways water crisis

Yes, our waterways are gravely polluted. An impaired waterway typically means that the water body does not meet water quality standards and is therefore not suitable for activities such as drinking, swimming, and fishing. When a water body is determined to be impaired, it means that levels of pollutants or other contaminants are present that…

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What Does A Gushing Deep Seated Water Well Look Like?

Just watch and wait for it to see a gushing Deep Seated Water well! When drawing water from deep underground, on rare occasions it can reach the surface under pressure with results that can be quite spectacular. “Gusher” wells can occur when the drilling equipment reaches an entry point to a deeper aquifer through a…

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It’s Time to Stop Being the Effect of Drought and Start Being At Cause

drought and rain

Atmospheric Rivers drench parched landscapes with rain and snow. Historic drought causes ranchers to sell their cattle and farmers to let their fields lie fallow. Towns halt expansion due to lack of water. The history of water management is more a story of being at the effect of Mother Nature rather than being at “Cause”…

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Now the Drought Is Threatening Hydropower

Glen Canyon Dam Hydropower

Could it get any worse? That’s what residents and administrators in seven U.S. states must be asking themselves. The mighty Colorado River flows through these states, not only providing precious water, but also hydroelectric power. In the Western US, that fuel source accounts for 16% of total power generation and 53% of the renewable energy…

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Will the Rains in California End the Drought?

flooded California rode after rain storms

The massive rains sweeping across the West Coast of the US recently have given hope to millions of people dependent upon the life-giving waters. Although floods and mudslides are a great danger, the amount of rain and snow has broken all records in the Golden State. Will it be enough to end the drought? Unfortunately,…

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2022 – Nothing Special, Just Helping to Save the Planet From Drought

Helping to Save the Planet From Drought

Check Out Our Top 5 Blogs From 2022 We’ve been busy in 2022, enhancing our unique technology to locate fresh groundwater, especially in arid regions and drought-plagued areas. There is a vast source of water, estimated to be 6,000 years of global supply (US National Groundwater Association) that is now available economically and quickly through…

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There Is Hope to Solve the Worldwide Drought Scourge

drought hope

All too often the reports coming in from across the planet are the doom and gloom of a drought-related problem affecting millions of people with no hope in sight. Just last week, the largest water supplier in the U.S. declared a drought emergency for Southern California that could impact 19 million people CBS news report.…

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