Why Deep Seated Water Makes Ecological Sense To Relieve Global Drought

Deep Seated Water Makes Ecological Sense

As the global drought crisis ravages livelihoods and economies around the world, environmentalists are scrambling to find solutions that are compatible with prudent ecological management. Deep Seated Water fits the environmental sustainability model as it would supply vast amounts of fresh water to regions while also allowing the existing sources to replenish. It is the…

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There is a Solution to the Current Global Drought

The global drought crisis is impacting the world’s largest economies, as reported in the Wall Street Journal and many other publications last week. With the US, China, and Europe facing historic drought it means nearly everyone on the planet will be affected. And that impact is just getting started as crops wither and livestock is…

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Drought Goes Global in 2022, and the Implications are Ominous

Drought Goes Global in 2022

When the Wall Street Journal, perhaps the world’s premier financial publication, put this headline on the front page yesterday, you know there is a big problem. “Droughts Take Widening Toll on World’s Largest Economies” WSJ article. The headline tells a dismal story. If the world’s largest economies (US, China, Europe) are suffering, then the rest…

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New Scientific Evidence For Deep Seated Water From “Mantle Rain”

Scientists are reporting more evidence that an ocean of water exists in the upper layers of the Earth’s mantle and that this water is being drawn upwards towards the surface as “mantle rain.” As reported in Smithsonian Magazine and published in Science Direct, geoscientists in France have developed a new model that shows how water-rich…

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Texas Declares Drought Disaster Across State – Does It Have To Be This Bad?

Texas Drought Map July 26 2022

On July 8, Governor Greg Abbott issued a proclamation declaring a state of disaster in over 170 counties in Texas based on the “existence of serious drought conditions that pose an imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury, or loss of life or property.” Texas drought disaster proclamation. The drought map above says it…

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Finding Groundwater Where Others Say “There Is None”

AquaterreX Finding Groundwater

The current drought crisis is afflicting large portions of the planet, from the Western United States and Southern Europe to North Africa and the Middle East – making finding groundwater painful. In many of these locations experts have said, “No groundwater exists here” or the water table has dropped so low that it is impracticable…

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New Sources of Water Will Solve The Water Crisis

AquaterreX new Sources of Water

The world’s freshwater problem is making global headlines as the crisis worsens planet-wide making new sources of water critical. But what is not discussed enough are the solutions to the problem. The fact is, there is a solution, and we’re sitting on it. Vast new sources of fresh groundwater are being discovered on an accelerating…

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Water Contamination – Making A Tough Job Tougher

Water contamination

Water contamination is taking a toll on fresh water availability and usage around the world. Water is already a scarce resource, with just 1% available for use, according to the US Geological Survey. Add in growing contamination and pollution and one can see how this issue must be addressed while we find new sources of…

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Drought Ravages Southwest US

USA Drought Map June 7, 2022

One Key Strategy Can Help Save It It seems like a bad science fiction movie. California governor declares a drought state of emergency. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe Arizona declare Stage 1 Water Alerts. Austin, Texas follows suit, declaring a Stage 1 Drought Contingency Plan. All across the Southwest, drought is afflicting as much as a quarter…

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