Panama Canal Water Crisis Threatens Global Trade

For over 100 years the Panama Canal has been a vital conduit for global trade, facilitating the passage of ships between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Indeed, 6% of all world trade passes through the canal each year. Yet, insufficient rainfall, coupled with increased demand, has led to a significant decline in water levels, threatening…

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AquaterreX Extends Warm Thanksgiving Wishes

AquaterreX Happy Thanksgiving

In the U.S. we celebrate a much-anticipated holiday named Thanksgiving on the 23rd of November this year. It is one of the more important holidays as it celebrates family, faith, and country. It provides us with the opportunity to pause and reflect on what we are thankful for. At AquaterreX, with our devotion to water-related…

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The Water-Powered Car — Elon Musk, Stanley Meyer and the H2O Car

water powered car

At AquaterreX, we’re all about finding abundant freshwater that can help save the planet. This story is fascinating in that it describes a use for water some experts consider a scientific unicorn. However, many think it is worth considering, perhaps even Elon Musk? Read on… In the annals of technological innovation, few stories are as…

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Unlocking Australia’s Freshwater Potential: AquaterreX’s Groundbreaking Journey

AquaterreX South Australia Sunrise

In a previous blog post in August, we delved into our groundbreaking work in Colorado, where we harnessed our proprietary software and patented instrumentation to identify areas of interest and pinpoint water well bore sites. We’ve also been busy in Australia, the world’s driest inhabited continent, unlocking the potential of Australia’s freshwater resources. Down Under,…

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US Groundwater is Getting Saltier. What to Do?

US Groundwater is Getting Saltier

Yesterday, the US Geological Survey (USGS), presented data that shows US groundwater has has increased salinity, along with other harmful chemicals and residual substances. According to the publication, they have measured up to 500 chemical constituents, including major ions, metals, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, fertilizers, and radionuclides. article. An interactive groundwater map from…

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With Harvest Season Upon Us, the Mississippi Faces Threats Once Again

Mississippi River low

Last November, we wrote about drought in the U.S. moving eastward to the Mississippi River US Drought Marches East – Now the Mississippi is Threatened – AquaterreX. Not only has this progression taken place, but now, river levels are reaching unprecedented lows in certain regions due to lack of rain upstream. This alarming situation is…

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Exploring Water Resources in Colorado with AquaterreX: A Scientific Approach

Colorado Water main

In the Field with AquaterreX: Exploring Water Resources in Colorado Discovering new groundwater sources has evolved into a science rather than an art. While practices like dowsing and water divination have existed for millennia, they have proven inconsistent. Today, with advanced technology AquaterreX can pinpoint water sources with near-100% accuracy, even in areas “Where Others…

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Hidden Ocean Beneath Earth’s Crust Goes Mainstream

Hidden Ocean Beneath Earth’s Crust

Scientific Evidence Gains Respect For years, the accepted scientific viewpoint was the idea that nearly all water on Earth came from outer space. Great comets repeatedly struck Earth billions of years ago and that created our oceans and provided virtually all the water on Earth. That was the story. And for us in today’s world,…

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Groundwater Extraction Alters Earth’s Tilt!

Groundwater Extraction Alters Earth’s Tilt

Another Scare – Human Activity Impacts Polar Drift This week, media outlets pumped out another dire warning about climate change. This time, it’s that withdrawal of groundwater for irrigation and human consumption has altered the Earth’s tilt. Over a 17-year period between 1993 and 2010, the extraction of groundwater by humans has caused the Earth’s…

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Witchers, Diviners and Dowsers

Witchers, Diviners, and Dowsers: Superstition vs. Science in Locating Groundwater

Superstition vs Science? Finding Groundwater Through a Forked Stick or with 21st Century Technology For thousands of years, water witchers, diviners, and dowsers have employed various tools, such as forked sticks, rods, and pendulums, to locate groundwater. The stick or rod would twist or bend when the witcher moved over a groundwater location. This age-old…

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