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May 9 2024

AquaterreX Revolutionizes Water Exploration in Union County, New Mexico Farm

Innovative Technology Leads to Significant Water Discovery, Addressing Water Scarcity Challenges St. Petersburg, FL,, May 9, 2024 – AquaterreX, a global leader in advanced water exploration technology, has achieved a groundbreaking success in locating previously undetected water sources for a farm in Union County, New Mexico. The farm, spanning 2,160 acres and facing water scarcity…

Mar 19 2024
World Water Day 2024

AquaterreX Unveils Revolutionary Water Harvesting Technology

Tapping into Abundant Deep Seated Water Sources for Sustainable Solutions Valencia, CA, March 22, 2024 – On World Water Day 2024, AquaterreX, a global leader in environmental services, reveals groundbreaking advancements in water harvesting technology aimed at addressing global water challenges. Leveraging recent scientific discoveries, AquaterreX introduces innovative methods to access deep seated water sources,…

Apr 21 2023
Free Groundwater Assessment Geologist says

AquaterreX Launches Free Groundwater Assessment Service To Help Prevent Farmers And Ranchers From Digging Dry Wells That Waste $$$

As the leader in advanced groundwater exploration, AquaterreX is making a pledge to help the growing number of farmers and ranchers who need help finding water by providing free groundwater assessments – each one is a $1,500 value. Valencia, CA April 21, 2023, On this Earth Day, 2023, AquaterreX announces the launch of a free…

Mar 22 2023
World Water Day 2023

New Discoveries of Fresh Groundwater Offer Hope to Water-Stressed Regions

New, Sustainable Sources of Fresh Groundwater are Now Available. AquaterreX Reveals Growing Scientific Evidence to Aid Millions. Valencia, CA March 22, 2023. On this World Water Day, 2023, AquaterreX announced that fresh water challenges can be overcome in many water-stressed regions by utilizing new water sources that could provide thousands of years of water supply….

Sep 26 2022
Phase I – Hydrogeological Data Analysis & Evaluation

Alleviating Drought: AquaterreX Locates Deep Seated Fresh Water in Texas

New Deep Seated Freshwater Source Discovered in Hidden Aquifer by the AquaterreX Team Using a Unique Combination of Advanced Technologies. Valencia, CA September 26, 2022. As the U.S. Southwest grapples with drought and water contamination, AquaterreX, in partnership with non-profit Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, located Deep Seated fresh water for a farm near the birthplace…

Sep 7 2022
aquaterrex wetex 2022

AquaterreX At WETEX September 27-29

AquaterreX To Introduce New Groundwater Location Technology At WETEX Trade Show In Dubai Valencia, CA September 7, 2022. In the face of historic global drought, AquaterreX LLC is introducing the most advanced combination of technologies to locate vast deposits of Deep Seated Water. The company will be exhibiting at the WETEX Sustainability and Clean Energy…

Jul 12 2022
Groundwater Detection Guide

Groundwater Solution Guide

As Western U.S. Suffers From Extreme Drought, AquaterreX Releases Groundwater Solution Guide For Agriculture Valencia, CA July 13, 2022. Historic drought is severely impacting agricultural production in the Western U.S. as farmers and ranchers are facing unprecedented water shortages that impact the very existence of their families and businesses. AquaterreX is releasing a free guide…

Apr 20 2022
AquaterreX Earth Day 2022

Earth Day Starts With Water

AquaterreX Commits $100,000 Donation Match to The Earth Organization! This year, the theme of Earth Day is, “Invest In Our Planet.” The organizers urge us to “Act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably).” We couldn’t agree more. When it comes to the survival of Planet Earth, all life depends on one key ingredient, water. Yet,…

Mar 21 2022

Growing Evidence of Abundant Underground Fresh Water Across Our Planet

Growing Evidence of Abundant Underground Fresh Water Across Our Planet Valencia, CA March 22, 2022. On this World Water Day, 2022, most pundits will once again sound the alarm over shrinking fresh water sources. However, there is growing evidence that the earth contains enough fresh water to satisfy the needs of the world’s population for…

Dec 15 2021

Lincoln Rural Supplies Becomes AquaterreX Agent in South Australia

One of the largest rural supply companies in South Australia has become a sales agent for AquaterreX products and services. A leader in agronomy, animal health, fire protection, water pumping services and irrigation, Lincoln Rural Services has been serving the Eyre Peninsula for over 35 years. Adding AquaterreX’s advanced technology to locate supplemental water sources…