Over 1500 Deep Seated Water Wells Completed on Four Continents

Australia is the world's driest inhabited continent and the Western US is struggling with drought. Read our case studies that provide the the details of the challenges and solutions delivered with our technology. Below these case studies are other examples of results.

New Mexico Farm Case Study areas of interest

New Mexico Case Study

In the arid landscapes of Union County, New Mexico, a farming family faced a daunting challenge: dwindling water supplies threatening their agricultural operations. As local water well records showed a steady decline in yields over the last 50 years, they were thrilled that the new water well located by AquaterreX was delivering over 1300 gallons of fresh water per minute!


Texas Case Study

"This just may be a well that will never go dry!” - Arlin C. Howles, Senior Geologist/Hydrogeologist. Dying pastures and trees were a big concern for the landowner. Pollutants and agricultural run-off have been detected in waters throughout the region. Groundwater from nearby aquifers is being excessively overdrawn diminishing supply in rural areas and transported to larger cities.


Minaki Case Study

Farmer Charles Smith, was in the midst of a drought in 2019. The government had the entire surrounding region categorized as either drought affected (intensifying) or in drought.
Smith had “six (6) wells dug over twenty years on [his] property, and they all came up with dust and no water”.


Stanthorpe Case Study

Stanthorpe is a rural town in southern Queensland that found itself at the centre of the water crisis. In January 2020 more than 5,000 residents were relying entirely on trucked water. The effort of trucking water is still costing the state $800,000 a month.


Buckleboo Case Study

The property manager of Buckleboo Station was caught in drought, with 33 out of 35 dams dry. Having no other options, he needed to resort to the expensive and inefficient process of carting water throughout the property for domestic and stock uses.

He wanted a solution that would not only make the property more drought resilient but would allow for better distribution of watering points throughout the station.


Temora Case Study

Australia is Earth’s driest inhabited continent and characterized by highly variable rainfall patterns. As a result, drought has been a critical issue for farmers since the time of Australia’s European colonization.

More Examples of Successful Deep Seated Water Projects



Year Drilled: 2013
Water Production: 40,000 liters per hour


Summer Hill, Junee, NSW

Year Drilled: 2007
Water Production: 45,460+ liters per hour



Year Drilled: 2007
Water Production: 40,000 liters per hour


Visy Paper Mill

Year Drilled: 2007
Water Production: 35,000 liters per hour


Cherry Farm District

Year Drilled: 2005 (est.)
Water Production: 250,000 liters per hour


Oxley College Bore

Year Drilled: 2018
Water Production: 22,748 liters per hour


Miller Pasture Land Property

Year Drilled: 2015
Water Production: 13,680 liters per hour



Year Drilled: 2009
Water Production: 10,400 liters per hour

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