AquaterreX Unveils Revolutionary Water Harvesting Technology

Tapping into Abundant Deep Seated Water Sources for Sustainable Solutions

Valencia, CA, March 22, 2024 – On World Water Day 2024, AquaterreX, a global leader in environmental services, reveals groundbreaking advancements in water harvesting technology aimed at addressing global water challenges. Leveraging recent scientific discoveries, AquaterreX introduces innovative methods to access deep seated water sources, providing sustainable solutions for water-stressed regions worldwide.

Recent findings by AquaterreX, supported by the U.S. National Groundwater Association, unveil the existence of vast underground freshwater reserves, totaling 22.6 million cubic kilometers in the upper two kilometers of the Earth’s crust. This discovery offers a potential water supply lasting over 6,000 years at current consumption rates, with new technologies enabling economically viable extraction methods.

James D’Arezzo, Chairman and CEO of AquaterreX, emphasizes the transformative impact of these developments, stating, “AquaterreX is committed to implementing effective water security solutions globally. With advancements in technology and growing scientific evidence, accessing fresh and sustainable groundwater sources is no longer a fantasy but a reality.”

One notable recent discovery includes the identification of the Maverick Basin Aquifer in Texas, spanning over 3,000 square miles and exhibiting water qualities meeting or exceeding federal and state drinking standards. Similarly, off the coasts of New England, Japan, Malta and the islands of Hawaii, massive pools of freshwater have been uncovered, challenging conventional hydrogeological beliefs.

AquaterreX’s proprietary technology facilitates the detection and extraction of deep seated water, presenting a supplemental freshwater source that bypasses contamination risks associated with surface water and shallow aquifers. This approach not only enhances water security but also promotes ecosystem sustainability through natural recharge mechanisms.

“The integration of Deep Seated Water™ into water management strategies offers a scalable and economical solution to address the global water crisis,” explains D’Arezzo. “By harnessing technology and embracing innovation, we aim to accelerate change and foster greater peace through sustainable water resource management.”

As the world commemorates World Water Day under the theme “Leveraging Water for Peace,” AquaterreX remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionizing water sustainability practices. Through collaboration with organizations like the non-profit The Earth Organization, AquaterreX continues to drive positive environmental impact and advance solutions to pressing water challenges.

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AquaterreX is a global environmental services organization dedicated to implementing effective water and food security solutions. Through the utilization of advanced technology and innovative approaches, AquaterreX specializes in locating and accessing deep seated water sources to address the growing water crisis facing communities worldwide.

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