Earth Day Starts With Water

AquaterreX Commits $100,000 Donation Match to The Earth Organization!

This year, the theme of Earth Day is, “Invest In Our Planet.” The organizers urge us to “Act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably).” We couldn’t agree more. When it comes to the survival of Planet Earth, all life depends on one key ingredient, water. Yet, the world faces a global water crisis. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will experience absolute water scarcity and two-thirds of the world will be living under water-stressed conditions, according to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. In addition, more and more water is being contaminated by pesticides, fertilizers, and even pharmaceutical drugs.

Thus, Earth Day really starts with water, and every day is Earth Day. At AquaterreX, we agree that it is time to act boldly, innovate broadly and implement equitably. As a corporate sponsor of the non-profit Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, AquaterreX is announcing a match fund for donations. Details can be found at the end of this message.

Earth Day 2022 Sheds Light on Global Water Solution

The fact is, there truly is a solution to the global water crisis and you are sitting on it right now. There is a virtually unlimited source of fresh water that can be tapped across the planet to solve the problem.

Deep Seated Water (DSW), is groundwater, typically sourced from deep aquifers that are located lower than shallow aquifers. Such deep aquifers are supplied not only from local catchment basins but also by subsurface inflows across basin boundaries. Deep Seated Water also encompasses water created at the mantle level of the Earth under extreme heat and pressure.

Deep Seated Water Illustration

Twenty years ago, a team of Japanese scientists, utilizing modern-day remote sensing equipment, published a peer-reviewed paper in the magazine SCIENCE discussing the fact that they discovered (and confirmed) there is five times as much fresh water in the mantle of the planet as there is in the oceans on the surface (although they had no idea how to access it). Since then, there is a growing acceptance in scientific circles regarding the production of water from sources in the earth’s mantle Water in Earth’s Lower Mantle (

Indeed, the U.S. National Groundwater Association states that there is an estimated 22.6 million cubic kilometers (km3) in the upper two kilometers (6,562 feet) of the earth’s crust. A cubic kilometer is approximately 264 billion gallons. Today’s global water usage is about 3,714 km3 per year. That means there is 6,000 years of water available at today’s consumption rates, if you can reach it, even if you never recycled a drop.

It’s Time to “Invest in Our Planet” this Earth Day 2022

Although geologists have known for many decades about deeper aquifers that are recharged by subsurface flows of water over long distances, the challenge has been how to tap that source without having to drill wells several kilometers deep. Once again, only with the introduction of cutting-edge technology can we locate the natural channels and pathways that lead to these vast underground rivers and lakes so that the water can be accessed through wells averaging less than 200 meters deep. With over 1500 wells successfully produced, this technology has been refined to the point where in many cases we can find water where others say, “No water can be found.”

Deep Seated Water – The Missing Piece

Deep Seated Water is the exact solution to “Act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably)” for Earth Day.

Deep Seated Water is the Missing Piece that can solve the water crisis puzzle. Many water strategies focus on conservation, rather than additional supply. Other solutions such as desalination and wastewater treatment are potential answers for some, but they also come with trade-offs such as high cost, high energy usage, long planning periods and toxic waste. Deep Seated Water is located almost everywhere on the planet, and it can be added to the mix of solutions as a supplemental freshwater source that is not subject to pollution, is fast and easy to implement and is economical and scalable. And, tapping Deep Seated Water allows both surface water and shallow aquifer sources to recharge, making the total system more environmentally sustainable.


AquaterreX is a corporate sponsor of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization non-profit.

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization


LAEO is a unique non-profit that:

  1. first, identifies the source of specific environmental issues;
  2. then finds logic-based solutions that will work for all involved;
  3. works out how best to implement those solutions; and then
  4. gets those solutions into the hands of those who will put them into action to bring about healthier conditions for all life and the environment.

AquaterreX Donation Match up to $100,000 – Make a Difference this Earth Day!

AquaterreX is announcing a matching contribution to support The Earth Organization’s effective programs to bring about a healthier, safer world for all. “The Earth Organization has been bringing solutions to the planet since 2004. We are delighted to make this matching contribution to continue supporting their work” said James D’Arezzo, Chairman and CEO of AquaterreX.

Between Earth Day (Friday April 22nd, 2022) and May 30th, 2022, or until the total donations reach $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars), whichever comes first, AquaterreX will match each individual donation to LAEO.

Donations can be made online at the following link: When making the donation, be sure to select the “AquaterreX Matching Fund” in the option menu at “I want my donation to go to…”

About AquaterreX

AquaterreX ( is a global environmental services organization with a mission to broadly implement effective water and food security solutions. The name AquaterreX comes from the Latin, aqua (water) and French, terre (earth, land) which is a derivative of the Latin, terra, and “X” for exploration. Thus, AquaterreX encompasses water and land solutions for the planet.
The company possesses proprietary technology to locate Deep Seated Water, which is fresh water situated below the shallow groundwater that supplies the majority of fresh water on the planet. This vast new source of water can help solve the water crisis facing billions of people.