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AquaterreX Launches Free Groundwater Assessment Worth $1,500

Water is the lifeblood of millions of farms and ranches across the planet. Without it, the future holds reduced yields, economic uncertainty, and reduced property values, especially for families who have spent generations building a legacy. As the leader in advanced groundwater exploration, AquaterreX is doing its part to help the growing number of farmers and ranchers who need help finding this precious resource.

Until recently, finding water was more of a guessing game, with accuracy of less than 40% in many arid regions. With our state-of-the-art technology, we locate water with near-100% accuracy.

Our Free Groundwater Assessment

AquaterreX is launching a free groundwater assessment to farmers and ranchers with 200 or more acres that will provide a free written preliminary assessment of groundwater potential by our Senior Geologist/Hydrogeologist. This will reveal if a property has positive indications of Deep Seated Water and other groundwater potential.

“We understand the challenges facing the agricultural community. We’ve been on site conducting geological surveys for farms and ranches and we’ve gotten tremendous feedback from owners and operators,” said Dr. Tigran Sadoyan, Lead Scientist. “We have found that in many cases, the owners just don’t have the data to make informed decisions about groundwater supply and they’ve ended up drilling too many expensive dry holes,” added Arlin Howles, PC, CPG Senior Geologist.

Apply for your Free Groundwater Assessment here.

How Does It Work?

Once you apply for your Free Preliminary Groundwater Assessment, one of our senior water consultants for your area will contact you to set up your initial interview. The initial interview will be done to collect needed information about your property and can usually be completed in less than 30 minutes depending on your property.

Our Senior Geologist/Hydrogeologist reviews your interview data and conducts a water location investigation of the property. As needed, he will consult with our Lead Scientist about the data uncovered during the investigation. This step takes our Senior Geologist/Hydrogeologist about one to two hours or so and will result in a written preliminary assessment of groundwater potential for the property. This will reveal if the property has or does not have positive indications of Deep Seated Water and other groundwater potential.

If there is good potential for groundwater location, the free preliminary groundwater assessment will also include our professional and scientific recommendations for next steps to pinpoint the location(s) of groundwater on the property.

Why Are We Giving Away a $1500 Groundwater Assessment?

It is certainly an expense for us to devote high-level scientists to do these groundwater assessments, but it really comes down to 2 reasons why we are giving away these $1500 Groundwater Preliminary Assessments.

The first is because farmers and ranchers asked us to. We primarily speak to farmers and ranchers in arid, drought-stricken regions who have been told by others that they cannot find water on their property. These farmers and ranchers asked for more certainty before committing to our water location and extraction services. Because we have a near-100% success rate locating and extracting fresh groundwater, we agreed and launched the Free Preliminary Groundwater Assessment.

The second lies within the DNA of our organization. AquaterreX is a global environmental services organization with a mission to broadly implement effective water and food security solutions. Our goal is to safeguard the planet so that it remains capable of sustaining life for all future generations. We cannot accomplish our mission and goal if we are not helping as many farmers and ranchers as possible!

While we have launched the Free Groundwater Preliminary Assessment, worth $1500, we cannot do this forever and our scientists cannot spend all day doing them. So, if you have a farm or ranch property (or have a friend with one) with 200+ acres, we suggest you take advantage of this offer now here.

Some Things You May Be Asking:

Who is AquaterreX? AquaterreX, LLC is a U.S. technology company focused on locating groundwater, especially “Where others say there is none.” We use a unique combination of data to conduct Multicomponent Spatial Analysis that includes geologic, hydrologic and atmospheric data using proprietary algorithms to pin-point additional fresh water sources. Our success rate is near-100%. About AquaterreX

What is Deep Seated Water? Deep Seated Water is high-quality groundwater, typically sourced from deeper aquifers that are located below the typically overdrawn shallow aquifers. About Deep Seated Water

How does the technology work? AquaterreX possesses a unique Geospatial Data Analysis and Assessment Method for the Geospatial Mapping, Locating and Extraction of high quality, high quantity, fresh water. About the technology

What are the steps involved in locating and extracting groundwater? You can watch this video The Scientific Approach to Supplemental Groundwater Location for Agriculture

What are our results? Our technology has been used to complete over 1500 deep seated water wells on four continents. About our results

Finally! Discover How To Find The Fresh, Abundant Groundwater You Need Without Spending $$$ Digging Dry Holes! Apply for your Free Groundwater Assessment here.