Water Contamination – Making A Tough Job Tougher

Water contamination

Water contamination is taking a toll on fresh water availability and usage around the world. Water is already a scarce resource, with just 1% available for use, according to the US Geological Survey. Add in growing contamination and pollution and one can see how this issue must be addressed while we find new sources of…

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Drought Ravages Southwest US

USA Drought Map June 7, 2022

One Key Strategy Can Help Save It It seems like a bad science fiction movie. California governor declares a drought state of emergency. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe Arizona declare Stage 1 Water Alerts. Austin, Texas follows suit, declaring a Stage 1 Drought Contingency Plan. All across the Southwest, drought is afflicting as much as a quarter…

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Stop Drilling Dry Holes for Water Wells

Digging dry hole

End the Costly Search for Water Finding fresh groundwater for water wells, especially in arid regions, can be expensive and challenging. The success rate of drilling a useful well averages between 30-40% in areas where water is scarce. This means that drilling a “dry hole” is more likely than finding the water a farmer or…

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