2022 – Nothing Special, Just Helping to Save the Planet From Drought

Helping to Save the Planet From Drought

Check Out Our Top 5 Blogs From 2022 We’ve been busy in 2022, enhancing our unique technology to locate fresh groundwater, especially in arid regions and drought-plagued areas. There is a vast source of water, estimated to be 6,000 years of global supply (US National Groundwater Association) that is now available economically and quickly through…

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There Is Hope to Solve the Worldwide Drought Scourge

drought hope

All too often the reports coming in from across the planet are the doom and gloom of a drought-related problem affecting millions of people with no hope in sight. Just last week, the largest water supplier in the U.S. declared a drought emergency for Southern California that could impact 19 million people CBS news report.…

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2023 Forecast – Drought Relief or More of the Same?

2023 Forecast

As many parts of the world struggle with persistent drought, the big question as we head into 2023 is, will we get some relief, or are we facing more of the same? The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) predicts that the La Niña climatic phenomenon, which causes rainfall in certain regions and drought in others, has…

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