In Spite of Winter Rain and Snow the Majority of the US West is Abnormally Dry

drought land blue cloud sky

California Got Relief but the Midwest from Texas to South Dakota is Experiencing Severe to Exceptional Drought The headline this week in Food Business News said, “Drought may leave flour prices elevated into 2024.” The national media has been focused on the record-breaking snowpack and rainfall in California which gives many people the impression that…

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AquaterreX Launches Free Groundwater Assessment Worth $1,500

Free Groundwater Assessment Geologist says

Water is the lifeblood of millions of farms and ranches across the planet. Without it, the future holds reduced yields, economic uncertainty, and reduced property values, especially for families who have spent generations building a legacy. As the leader in advanced groundwater exploration, AquaterreX is doing its part to help the growing number of farmers and…

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The Grand Canyon – What a Tiny Slice of the Road Trip Revealed to Me


My wife and I visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona last week. Truly unique on Planet Earth, the Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring spectacular vista, revealing the geologic history of that region going back hundreds of millions of years. The mighty Colorado River cut through layers of rock nearly a mile deep for 277 miles.…

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