Unveiling Earth’s Subsurface Secrets: Exploring the Depths of Deep Seated Water

satellite earth

In our initial exploration of the enigmatic world beneath our feet, we delved into the significance of Deep Seated Water and the challenges tied to its extraction. Now, let’s broaden our perspective to encompass the fascinating realms of deep aquifers, uncovering recent technological breakthroughs, scientific discoveries, and the remarkable potential held within these subterranean reservoirs.…

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What Does A Gushing Deep Seated Water Well Look Like?

Just watch and wait for it to see a gushing Deep Seated Water well! When drawing water from deep underground, on rare occasions it can reach the surface under pressure with results that can be quite spectacular. “Gusher” wells can occur when the drilling equipment reaches an entry point to a deeper aquifer through a…

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Deep Seated Water Aquifer Providing Billions of Gallons of Fresh Water to Chicago

Chicago sunset

As much of the planet struggles with drought, a Deep Seated Water aquifer has been providing Chicago and parts of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Indiana with hundreds of billions of gallons of fresh water. The “Deep Sandstone Aquifer” (technically known as the Cambrian-Ordovician Sandstone Aquifer System) has been supplying increasing amounts of fresh water for…

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Stop Drilling Dry Holes for Water Wells

Digging dry hole

End the Costly Search for Water Finding fresh groundwater for water wells, especially in arid regions, can be expensive and challenging. The success rate of drilling a useful well averages between 30-40% in areas where water is scarce. This means that drilling a “dry hole” is more likely than finding the water a farmer or…

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Huge New Deep Seated Water Aquifer Discovered in Texas

Texas aquifer

More Evidence of Fresh Deep Seated Water Last fall while exploring for oil and gas deposits in southwest Texas, a driller instead found a huge freshwater deep aquifer. Now called the Maverick Basin Aquifer, it is known to be at least 3,000 square miles in area and averages 1,000 feet thick in most places. This…

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Solving The Water Crisis – Let Our Shallow Aquifers Recharge

Why be concerned with recharging our shallow aquifers? Well, alarming headlines about drought and the global freshwater crisis are splashed across the media from Sacramento to Cape Town and Dubai. Just as alarming are the draconian “solutions” being mandated to reduce water usage or prevent economic growth. Let Our Shallow Aquifers Recharge There is one…

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