Deep Seated Water Located Near Kingman, Arizona

AquaterreX locates water near Kingman, Arizona at 5X the flow rate of any nearby wells. See the process in our video. AquaterreX locates water for a homestead in the extremely arid region 50 miles east of Kingman, Arizona in an entirely undeveloped area of high desert. Surrounding well data showed wells are dry or delivering…

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Witchers, Diviners and Dowsers

Witchers, Diviners, and Dowsers: Superstition vs. Science in Locating Groundwater

Superstition vs Science? Finding Groundwater Through a Forked Stick or with 21st Century Technology For thousands of years, water witchers, diviners, and dowsers have employed various tools, such as forked sticks, rods, and pendulums, to locate groundwater. The stick or rod would twist or bend when the witcher moved over a groundwater location. This age-old…

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AquaterreX Introduces Breakthrough Water Exploration Technology to the U.S.

Deep Seated Water

As the Western U.S. struggles with persistent drought, technology innovator AquaterreX is helping to locate fresh groundwater for farmers and ranchers, even “where others say there is none.” The new technology which originated in Australia, the world’s driest inhabited continent, was introduced in the United States in 2020. Improvements made since then have elevated the…

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AquaterreX Launches Free Groundwater Assessment Worth $1,500

Free Groundwater Assessment Geologist says

Water is the lifeblood of millions of farms and ranches across the planet. Without it, the future holds reduced yields, economic uncertainty, and reduced property values, especially for families who have spent generations building a legacy. As the leader in advanced groundwater exploration, AquaterreX is doing its part to help the growing number of farmers and…

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Drilling a Deep Seated Water Well in the Texas High Plains

Texas high plains area well drillers 3 2023

Our AquaterreX team on site in the Texas High Plains area drilling a Deep Seated Water well. If you were to drive across the Texas High Plains, you would see agriculture production, and its associated industries, hard at work in this region. We can thank the farm and ranch operators of the Texas High Plains…

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What Does A Gushing Deep Seated Water Well Look Like?

Just watch and wait for it to see a gushing Deep Seated Water well! When drawing water from deep underground, on rare occasions it can reach the surface under pressure with results that can be quite spectacular. “Gusher” wells can occur when the drilling equipment reaches an entry point to a deeper aquifer through a…

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Case Study: A Sustainable Texas Well For Many Generations

Case Study Well Never Go Dry pumping water

The Texas landowner was concerned about long-term drought and water contamination. Utilizing our Deep Seated Water (DSW) technology, we found a sustainable, pure source of water that needs no treatment or filtering. In fact, our senior Hydrogeologist said: “Based on DSW method and best practices in water management, this well will service this property for…

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Stop Drilling Dry Holes for Water Wells

Digging dry hole

End the Costly Search for Water Finding fresh groundwater for water wells, especially in arid regions, can be expensive and challenging. The success rate of drilling a useful well averages between 30-40% in areas where water is scarce. This means that drilling a “dry hole” is more likely than finding the water a farmer or…

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