With Harvest Season Upon Us, the Mississippi Faces Threats Once Again

Mississippi River low

Last November, we wrote about drought in the U.S. moving eastward to the Mississippi River US Drought Marches East – Now the Mississippi is Threatened – AquaterreX. Not only has this progression taken place, but now, river levels are reaching unprecedented lows in certain regions due to lack of rain upstream. This alarming situation is…

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Hidden Ocean Beneath Earth’s Crust Goes Mainstream

Hidden Ocean Beneath Earth’s Crust

Scientific Evidence Gains Respect For years, the accepted scientific viewpoint was the idea that nearly all water on Earth came from outer space. Great comets repeatedly struck Earth billions of years ago and that created our oceans and provided virtually all the water on Earth. That was the story. And for us in today’s world,…

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Groundwater Extraction Alters Earth’s Tilt!

Groundwater Extraction Alters Earth’s Tilt

Another Scare – Human Activity Impacts Polar Drift This week, media outlets pumped out another dire warning about climate change. This time, it’s that withdrawal of groundwater for irrigation and human consumption has altered the Earth’s tilt. Over a 17-year period between 1993 and 2010, the extraction of groundwater by humans has caused the Earth’s…

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Microplastic Particles in Groundwater? It’s time for an Abundant Alternative Source of Fresh Water

Microplastic particles in Groundwater

AquaterreX Introduces Breakthrough Water Exploration Technology As if it wasn’t enough to have bacteria, heavy metals, and even pharmaceutical drugs polluting our surface and groundwater, now studies are revealing that microplastic particles less than 5mm in size have “recently become a major environmental issue” according to Environmental Chemistry Letters link. The report states that microplastic…

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The Grand Canyon – What a Tiny Slice of the Road Trip Revealed to Me


My wife and I visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona last week. Truly unique on Planet Earth, the Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring spectacular vista, revealing the geologic history of that region going back hundreds of millions of years. The mighty Colorado River cut through layers of rock nearly a mile deep for 277 miles.…

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50% of US Waterways Are Too Polluted For Drinking, Swimming or Fishing

polluted waterways water crisis

Yes, our waterways are gravely polluted. An impaired waterway typically means that the water body does not meet water quality standards and is therefore not suitable for activities such as drinking, swimming, and fishing. When a water body is determined to be impaired, it means that levels of pollutants or other contaminants are present that…

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It’s Time to Stop Being the Effect of Drought and Start Being At Cause

drought and rain

Atmospheric Rivers drench parched landscapes with rain and snow. Historic drought causes ranchers to sell their cattle and farmers to let their fields lie fallow. Towns halt expansion due to lack of water. The history of water management is more a story of being at the effect of Mother Nature rather than being at “Cause”…

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Now the Drought Is Threatening Hydropower

Glen Canyon Dam Hydropower

Could it get any worse? That’s what residents and administrators in seven U.S. states must be asking themselves. The mighty Colorado River flows through these states, not only providing precious water, but also hydroelectric power. In the Western US, that fuel source accounts for 16% of total power generation and 53% of the renewable energy…

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