Deep Seated Water Located Near Kingman, Arizona

AquaterreX locates water near Kingman, Arizona at 5X the flow rate of any nearby wells. See the process in our video.

AquaterreX locates water for a homestead in the extremely arid region 50 miles east of Kingman, Arizona in an entirely undeveloped area of high desert. Surrounding well data showed wells are dry or delivering only 1-2 gallons per minute. The water location was pinpointed by our hydrogeology science team, and their predicted yield of 5-10 gallons per minute was reached – 5X the flow rate of any nearby wells.

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1. The AquaterreX Technology and Deep Seated Water Location Steps
2. What is Deep Seated Water
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Video Transcript:

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Loren Eiseley

AquaterreX, LLC. (ATX) is a water location and management consulting company that has the most advanced method in the world for identifying underground water resources.
– Deep Seated Water Technology®.

Together with The Earth Organization (TEO), an environmental non-profit dedicated to implementing the best solutions possible to natural resource issues, they work to resolve water scarcity challenges for landowners.

Deep Seated Water is a recently discovered, alternative source of water to shallow groundwater. Although this source of water is coming up from deep within the planet, it can be accessed in fractured rock veins in the Earth’s crust close to the surface.

A landowner with property 50 miles east of Kingman, Arizona in an entirely undeveloped region of high desert hired AquaterreX to assess whether or not Deep Seated Water could be accessed on their property.

Our hydrogeology science team conducted a complete series of remote sensing analyses of the property using a variety of sophisticated algorithms applied on satellite mapping, geological maps, and much more to identify areas with the highest likelihood of locating underground access points to Deep Seated Water.

Finding three potential areas of interest (AOIs), the team then recommended a detailed cost-effective, on-site underground assessment of the three areas to identify the best drilling location.

The on-site survey was then conducted by the TEO/ATX team to determine exactly where and how deep in a given AOI to drill. This allowed the team to predict a range of potential flow rate in gallons per minute from that access point.

A second on-site trip was then made to oversee the drilling process and well installation per state and federal guidelines.

Working in close collaboration with the drilling team for a homestead water well in an extremely dry region where the TEO/ATX Team had located this borehole using their advanced proprietary technology and survey methods.

All surrounding area well data showed wells are dry or delivering only 1-2 gallons per minute.

Samples were gathered to determine the lithology (the makeup of the ground).

Our analysis predicted 5-10 gallons per minute between 900-1000 feet depth.

After drilling through almost 1000 feet of solid granite water was reached with the yield of 5-10 gallons per minute as predicted by the TEO/ATX hydrogeologists.

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