New Mexico Farm Water 1300 gallons per minute

Unlocking Abundant Water Resources in Union County, New Mexico with Deep Seated Water Technologies

In the arid landscapes of Union County, New Mexico, a farming family faced a daunting challenge: dwindling water supplies threatening their agricultural operations. As local water well records showed a steady decline in yields over the last 50 years, they were thrilled that the new water well located by AquaterreX was delivering over 1300 gallons of fresh water per minute!

The farm, spanning 2,160 acres along the Texas border, relies heavily on water for its corn crops. However, like many areas facing water scarcity, yields were decreasing, posing a significant risk to their livelihoods. Traditional methods were falling short in addressing the complex challenges, so the family determined they needed an innovative solution to secure their water future.

New Mexico Case Study Farm sections

Farm sections in New Mexico – 2,160 acres

The AquaterreX Solution

AquaterreX’s DSW (Deep Seated Water) Technologies represent a paradigm shift in water exploration and resource management. Unlike conventional methods, which often lack reliability and cost-effectiveness, DSW Technologies offer precise, science-based solutions.

At the heart of AquaterreX’s approach lies a unique Geospatial Data Analysis and Assessment Method. This method integrates a range of geospatial data, including satellite imagery, magnetic, gravity, and radiometric datasets, processed using proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence. The result? A detailed map of potential water sources with near 100% accuracy.

AquaterreX’s exploration process unfolds in four key steps:

  1. Acquisition of Remotely Sensed Data: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, AquaterreX gathers high-resolution geospatial data from satellites and airborne surveys.
  2. Data Processing and Analysis: Advanced algorithms process and analyze the data, identifying areas of interest and potential deep seated water sources.
  3. On-site Survey and Validation: A team of experts conducts on-ground surveys, deploying measurement devices to validate findings and pinpoint drilling locations with remarkable precision.
  4. Drilling and Extraction: Armed with precise data, a well is drilled tapping into abundant, sustainable-flow water sources.

The AquaterreX Results Speak Volumes

The initial analyses identified several promising Areas of Interest on the farm, setting the stage for On-site Survey and Validation.

New Mexico Case Study Farm Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest (yellow ovals) identified on three sections of the Farm

With meticulous on-site surveys and advanced data analysis, AquaterreX pinpointed the optimal well bore location, resulting in an impressive yield of 1,325 gallons per minute. Subsequent testing confirmed a sustainable yield of 1,200 gallons per minute, ensuring ample water supply for the farm’s needs.

“The advanced technology AquaterreX brought to our project was impressive. The combination of data, hardware and software helped them pinpoint exactly where to drill and informed us of estimated yields. As it turned out, we got even more water than we expected.” – New Mexico Farm Owner

Read the full case study here.

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A Vision for the Future

AquaterreX’s success in Union County, New Mexico underscores the transformative potential of DSW Technologies. Beyond addressing immediate water challenges, these technologies pave the way for sustainable water management, conservation, and resilience in drought-prone regions worldwide.

CEO James D’Arezzo reflects, “Our mission at AquaterreX is to revolutionize water exploration and provide sustainable solutions for water-scarce regions. This success in Union County, New Mexico showcases the power of our technology in addressing critical water challenges.”

Embracing a Sustainable Tomorrow

As we navigate an era of increasing water stress, innovations like AquaterreX’s DSW Technologies offer hope and practical solutions. By unlocking deep-seated water resources with precision and efficiency, we can build a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

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