US Groundwater is Getting Saltier

US Groundwater is Getting Saltier. What to Do?

Yesterday, the US Geological Survey (USGS), presented data that shows US groundwater has has increased salinity, along with other harmful chemicals and residual substances. According to the publication, they have measured up to 500 chemical constituents, including major ions, metals, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, fertilizers, and radionuclides. article. An interactive groundwater map from USGS shows the results of this study that has been going on for three decades. Decadal Change in Groundwater Quality (

This problem is not limited to the United States. Countries around the world are coping with higher salinity and contamination in groundwater. Australia in particular, has had salinity challenges for decades. And other countries, like the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries, are coping with highly saline seawater intrusion into groundwater systems.

There is a solution, however, that has only been discovered fairly recently. Deep Seated Water. This is water that is located deeper than the shallow aquifers that supply nearly all of the groundwater on the planet. Indeed, the USGA survey notes that urban and agricultural wells are shallower, usually around 30 to 50 feet deep.

Deep Seated Water is far less subject to contamination due to the source being well below the level of absorption of pollution such as fertilizers, pesticides, and road salts. While not all Deep Seated Water is pure, there are vast amounts of water in the upper two kilometers of the earth’s surface. In fact, the US National Groundwater Association estimates there are 6,000 years of supply at today’s consumption rates Nature Geoscience article. And with advanced technology, this water can be located and tapped without having to drill ultra-deep water wells. For example, AquaterreX located excellent fresh water at a depth of 328 feet for a farm in Texas while the surrounding farms had nothing but high saline water. Texas case study Similarly, a huge aquifer spanning 3,000 square miles and averaging 1,000 feet thick was only recently discovered in Texas (2019). The new Maverick Basin Aquifer confounded traditional hydrogeologists who believe deep water is saline as they determined the water already meets or exceeds federal and state drinking water standards. Huge New Deep Seated Water Aquifer Discovered in Texas – AquaterreX

Deep Seated Water – An Almost Unlimited, Alternative, and Clean Source

Deep Seated Water (DSW), is groundwater, typically sourced from deep aquifers that are located lower than shallow aquifers. Such deep aquifers are supplied not only from local catchment basins but also by subsurface inflows across basin boundaries. Deep Seated Water also encompasses water created at the mantle level of the Earth under extreme heat and pressure as confirmed by this recent report on mantle rain. Contamination does not occur in these deep water aquifers as modern pollution has not reached these deeper levels. And the best news is that this water is accessible and plentiful.

There is a Vast Ocean of Fresh Water Right Below Our Feet

A vast ocean of fresh water exists right below our feet. It can be tapped economically and quickly. It has been overlooked by hydrogeologists and other experts due to assumptions made decades ago. However, with 21st century technology this vast ocean of water can be located and brought to the surface within weeks. AquaterreX has developed the ability to locate and economically bring to the surface these previously untapped water resources.

We Can Solve the Water Crisis Now

AquaterreX has been at the forefront of this effort, employing 21st century technology to locate Deep Seated Water.

Deep Seated Water

Depiction of shallow and deeper aquifers

Deep Seated Water – The Missing Piece

Deep Seated Water is the Missing Piece that can solve the water crisis puzzle – contamination, drought, scarcity. Many water strategies focus on conservation, rather than additional supply. Other solutions such as desalination and wastewater treatment are potential answers for some, but they also come with trade-offs such as high cost, high energy usage, long planning periods and toxic waste. Deep Seated Water is located almost everywhere on the planet, and it can be added to the mix of solutions as a supplemental freshwater source that is not subject to contamination, is fast and easy to implement and is economical and scalable. And, tapping Deep Seated Water allows both surface water and shallow aquifer sources to recharge, making the total system more environmentally sustainable.

Missing Piece Fresh water Sources

Deep Seated Water – The Missing Piece

We Can Solve The Water Problem

There is no question that we are facing freshwater challenges around the world. It is time to consider all of the alternatives and solutions at our disposal. Science and technology are advancing to the point where we can make a difference quickly, if we just resolve to do it.

About AquaterreX

AquaterreX ( is a global environmental services organization with a mission to broadly implement effective water and food security solutions. The name AquaterreX comes from the Latin, aqua (water) and French, terre (earth, land) which is a derivative of the Latin, terra, and “X” for exploration. Thus, AquaterreX encompasses water and land solutions for the planet.
The company possesses proprietary technology to locate Deep Seated Water, which is fresh water situated below the shallow groundwater that supplies the majority of fresh water on the planet. This vast new source of water can help solve the water crisis facing billions of people.