What Does A Gushing Deep Seated Water Well Look Like?

Just watch and wait for it to see a gushing Deep Seated Water well!

When drawing water from deep underground, on rare occasions it can reach the surface under pressure with results that can be quite spectacular. “Gusher” wells can occur when the drilling equipment reaches an entry point to a deeper aquifer through a fracture or other underground channel.  This short, 30-second video shows a Deep Seated Water well-drilling operation in Australia.

At AquaterreX, we find water “where others say there is none.” The fact is, according to the US National Groundwater Association, there are 6,000 years of water supply available in the upper two kilometers of the earth’s crust.  With our advanced technologies, we can locate that water and bring it to the surface without drilling wells thousands of feet deep. Learn about the Deep Seated Water technology