Mississippi River low

With Harvest Season Upon Us, the Mississippi Faces Threats Once Again

Last November, we wrote about drought in the U.S. moving eastward to the Mississippi River US Drought Marches East – Now the Mississippi is Threatened – AquaterreX. Not only has this progression taken place, but now, river levels are reaching unprecedented lows in certain regions due to lack of rain upstream. This alarming situation is unfolding while harvest season commences in one of the world’s most agriculturally productive areas. The 2,340-mile long “Mighty Mississippi” plays a pivotal role in transporting food products across the globe.

Impact of Drought

Even the severe floods experienced earlier this year in the region have failed to prevent grounded barges, stalled river traffic, and blocked river ports along the borders of ten states. Last year’s drought alone resulted in an estimated loss of approximately $20 billion, according to AccuWeather.

Current Drought Situation

Today, the Upper Midwest down to Texas and New Mexico is under the threat of severe or extreme drought, as indicated by the US Drought Monitor. The impact on transportation costs will increase inflation and drive prices upward. Barges loaded with agricultural, mining, and other products are being prevented from moving down the Mississippi. Each barge contains the equivalent of 134 semi-trucks. Peter Friedmann, Executive Director of the Agriculture Transportation Coalition says it will take tens of thousands of trucks to carry the same amount of cargo as the barges. Dropping Mississippi River water levels, drought impact in photos (usatoday.com)

Global Drought Phenomenon

As we reported last year, drought is a global phenomenon. Rivers from the Mississippi to the Rhine in Germany and the Yangtze in China are experiencing unprecedented problems that impact the global economy and the livelihoods of tens of millions of people.

Solving the Global Water Crisis

At AquaterreX, our mission is to address this global problem by adding the largely untapped ocean of fresh water to the supply of the planet. Deep Seated Water, described below, aligns with the environmental sustainability model as it would supply vast amounts of fresh water to regions while also allowing the existing sources to replenish. It is the “Missing Piece” that can resolve the water crisis puzzle. The good news is that Deep Seated Water is a source that can fulfill the planet’s water needs for thousands of years.

Deep Seated Water

Deep Seated Water (DSW) refers to groundwater typically sourced from deep aquifers situated below shallower ones. These deep aquifers receive water not only from local catchment basins but also from subsurface inflows across basin boundaries. Moreover, Deep Seated Water includes water generated at the mantle level of the Earth under extreme heat and pressure, as confirmed by a recent report on mantle rain. Contamination does not occur in these deep water aquifers as modern pollution has not reached these deeper levels. The best part is that this water is accessible and abundant.

Abundance of Fresh Water Beneath Us

An enormous ocean of fresh water lies right beneath our feet, and it can be tapped into economically and rapidly. Hydrogeologists and other experts overlooked this resource for decades due to outdated assumptions. However, with 21st-century technology, we can now locate and extract this vast underground water supply. The US National Groundwater Association estimates that there is a 6,000-year supply of freshwater within the upper two kilometers of the Earth’s crust Nature Geoscience article.

Recent Discoveries

One recent example of significant new sources of fresh groundwater came to light in Texas. The newly named Maverick Basin Aquifer spans at least 3,000 square miles and averages 1,000 feet thick in most areas. This discovery comes years after Texas water experts concluded that their deeper aquifers were, at best, brackish (salty). Water tests on this new aquifer reveal that it meets or even exceeds federal and state drinking water standards Deep aquifer (texas.gov). These discoveries challenge the commonly accepted beliefs of many hydrogeology professionals.

Solving the Water Crisis

AquaterreX has been at the forefront of this effort, employing 21st-century technology to locate Deep Seated Water.

Deep Seated Water

Deep Seated Water – The Missing Piece

Deep Seated Water is the Missing Piece that can solve the water crisis puzzle – contamination, drought, scarcity. Many water strategies focus on conservation, rather than additional supply. Other solutions such as desalination and wastewater treatment are potential answers for some, but they also come with trade-offs such as high cost, high energy usage, long planning periods and toxic waste. Deep Seated Water is located almost everywhere on the planet, and it can be added to the mix of solutions as a supplemental freshwater source that is not subject to contamination, is fast and easy to implement and is economical and scalable. And, tapping Deep Seated Water allows both surface water and shallow aquifer sources to recharge, making the total system more environmentally sustainable.

Missing Piece Fresh water Sources


As we witness the onset of another harvest season, the Mississippi River faces threats that are all too familiar. The specter of drought looms, and river levels are dwindling, obstructing vital transportation routes and inflating prices. However, it’s in these moments of crisis that innovation and determination can truly shine. It is time to consider all of the alternatives and solutions at our disposal. Science and technology are advancing to the point where we can make a difference quickly, if we just resolve to do it.

About AquaterreX

AquaterreX (www.aquaterrex.com) is a global environmental services organization with a mission to broadly implement effective water and food security solutions. The name AquaterreX comes from the Latin, aqua (water) and French, terre (earth, land) which is a derivative of the Latin, terra, and “X” for exploration. Thus, AquaterreX encompasses water and land solutions for the planet.
The company possesses proprietary technology to locate Deep Seated Water, which is fresh water situated below the shallow groundwater that supplies the majority of fresh water on the planet. This vast new source of water can help solve the water crisis facing billions of people.