Exploring Water Resources in Colorado with AquaterreX: A Scientific Approach

Colorado Water main

In the Field with AquaterreX: Exploring Water Resources in Colorado Discovering new groundwater sources has evolved into a science rather than an art. While practices like dowsing and water divination have existed for millennia, they have proven inconsistent. Today, with advanced technology AquaterreX can pinpoint water sources with near-100% accuracy, even in areas “Where Others…

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Hidden Ocean Beneath Earth’s Crust Goes Mainstream

Hidden Ocean Beneath Earth’s Crust

Scientific Evidence Gains Respect For years, the accepted scientific viewpoint was the idea that nearly all water on Earth came from outer space. Great comets repeatedly struck Earth billions of years ago and that created our oceans and provided virtually all the water on Earth. That was the story. And for us in today’s world,…

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Groundwater Extraction Alters Earth’s Tilt!

Groundwater Extraction Alters Earth’s Tilt

Another Scare – Human Activity Impacts Polar Drift This week, media outlets pumped out another dire warning about climate change. This time, it’s that withdrawal of groundwater for irrigation and human consumption has altered the Earth’s tilt. Over a 17-year period between 1993 and 2010, the extraction of groundwater by humans has caused the Earth’s…

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Witchers, Diviners and Dowsers

Witchers, Diviners, and Dowsers: Superstition vs. Science in Locating Groundwater

Superstition vs Science? Finding Groundwater Through a Forked Stick or with 21st Century Technology For thousands of years, water witchers, diviners, and dowsers have employed various tools, such as forked sticks, rods, and pendulums, to locate groundwater. The stick or rod would twist or bend when the witcher moved over a groundwater location. This age-old…

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Microplastic Particles in Groundwater? It’s time for an Abundant Alternative Source of Fresh Water

Microplastic particles in Groundwater

AquaterreX Introduces Breakthrough Water Exploration Technology As if it wasn’t enough to have bacteria, heavy metals, and even pharmaceutical drugs polluting our surface and groundwater, now studies are revealing that microplastic particles less than 5mm in size have “recently become a major environmental issue” according to Environmental Chemistry Letters link. The report states that microplastic…

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AquaterreX Introduces Breakthrough Water Exploration Technology to the U.S.

Deep Seated Water

As the Western U.S. struggles with persistent drought, technology innovator AquaterreX is helping to locate fresh groundwater for farmers and ranchers, even “where others say there is none.” The new technology which originated in Australia, the world’s driest inhabited continent, was introduced in the United States in 2020. Improvements made since then have elevated the…

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In Spite of Winter Rain and Snow the Majority of the US West is Abnormally Dry

drought land blue cloud sky

California Got Relief but the Midwest from Texas to South Dakota is Experiencing Severe to Exceptional Drought The headline this week in Food Business News said, “Drought may leave flour prices elevated into 2024.” The national media has been focused on the record-breaking snowpack and rainfall in California which gives many people the impression that…

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AquaterreX Launches Free Groundwater Assessment Worth $1,500

Free Groundwater Assessment Geologist says

Water is the lifeblood of millions of farms and ranches across the planet. Without it, the future holds reduced yields, economic uncertainty, and reduced property values, especially for families who have spent generations building a legacy. As the leader in advanced groundwater exploration, AquaterreX is doing its part to help the growing number of farmers and…

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The Grand Canyon – What a Tiny Slice of the Road Trip Revealed to Me


My wife and I visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona last week. Truly unique on Planet Earth, the Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring spectacular vista, revealing the geologic history of that region going back hundreds of millions of years. The mighty Colorado River cut through layers of rock nearly a mile deep for 277 miles.…

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