New Technology Can Save The Planet from The Water Crisis

There is no question much of the planet is facing a water crisis. As we’ve reported before, drought threatens the lives of over two billion people, and four billion people depend on increasingly contaminated shallow groundwater for drinking and food production. The World Resources Institute lists 44 countries as having high baseline water stress.

Rather than wallow in this horrible state of affairs concerning the most basic element of life, new technology is available to solve the problem. Immediately.

Sustainable Water Supplementation

First of all, we need to correct a false datum. That is, “the world is running out of fresh water.” Not true.

The U.S. National Groundwater Association estimates that there are 22,600,000 cubic kilometers of groundwater in the upper two kilometers of the earth’s crust. Each cubic kilometer is about 264 billion gallons. The world uses just 3,717 cubic kilometers of water per year.

So, we have enough water in the ground to supply Earth for over 6,000 years at today’s global consumption rates. Tapping even just a fraction of this largely untapped vast resource can sustainably supplement our current water supplies.

Game-changing Water Locating Technologies

The water game-changer is the improvement in water locating technologies that allow us to tap this vast ocean of fresh water economically. The combination of Geographic Information Systems and advanced instrumentation has, for the first time, enabled the identification of Deep Seated Water to help solve the world’s water shortage.

Deep Seated Water is high-quality groundwater, typically sourced from deeper aquifers that are located below shallow aquifers.

Deep Seated Water

Vast amounts of fresh water are located in deeper aquifers

Deep Seated Water™ can be accessed economically through underground geologic pathways and channels. Finding them is like finding the proverbial “needle in a haystack.” But with today’s technology, it can be done with near 100% certainty.

The point is, the cost of drought is enormous. It is a global challenge. However, it can be virtually eliminated by using available technology and having the courage to employ it. At AquaterreX, we’re doing everything we can to help.

James D’Arezzo, Chairman & CEO, AquaterreX