Deep Seated Water Illustration Explained

Water Illustration

Global water management strategies are missing a key component in their planning and water conservation models. This missing component results in overdrawn surface water supply sources, such as endangering rivers and depleting shallow groundwater resources. A century of innovation and scientific discovery indicates there may well be a set of pathways that can lead to…

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Defining The Missing Piece In Freshwater Sources

Missing Piece Fresh water Sources

When governments, municipalities or any other water strategy planners plot out their freshwater management stratagems, there are four main sources of freshwater that are usually considered. However, a fifth source should be included in these plans and might very well be the missing piece that solves the puzzle of how we provide fresh water for…

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New Technology Can Save The Planet from The Water Crisis

There is no question much of the planet is facing a water crisis. As we’ve reported before, drought threatens the lives of over two billion people, and four billion people depend on increasingly contaminated shallow groundwater for drinking and food production. The World Resources Institute lists 44 countries as having high baseline water stress. Rather…

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